January 2018 Product Roadmap Update

Dear Customers,

Welcome to Channeltivity’s first quarterly product roadmap update where we discuss major upcoming features to the system. As features get released, we will get you more details about specific functionality and how to start using in your organization. As always, we welcome your comments and questions.

One of our main priorities continues to be enhancements to our Salesforce Edition. From giving you powerful tools to link Deal Registrations to existing Salesforce Opportunities, to implementing smart address correction that makes our integration more robust and user-friendly, as well as many smaller enhancements, we’re working hard to keep Channeltivity the number one platform to drive successful channel programs.

If you’re in channel marketing, you’ll appreciate upcoming features around making Channeltivity more engaging, such as a brand-new tile view of the Library module as well as more content and notification options for the Training and Certification module. We will also be launching a brand new Co-Branded Collateral module that will allow partners to generate customized co-branded marketing materials with their logo, contact info and more.

Here is what to expect over the next six months:


  • Manually edit the link to a record in Salesforce. (Salesforce Edition) This gives you even more flexibility on how you want Channeltivity data to flow into your CRM. For example, a Partner might have submitted a Deal Registration in Channeltivity, but you already have an existing Opportunity in Salesforce. This easy-to-use feature lets you manually specify the Opportunity to sync with, saving you time and hassle. COMPLETED (info)
  • Smart address correction and augmentation. Whether you’re importing Leads or loading Partner info, missing or incorrect address information is often a stumbling block. With Channeltivity’s smart address correction feature, the system will accept incomplete address information and then attempt to fill in the missing pieces and correct any obvious misspellings. This frees up your time to focus on growing your channel. COMPLETED
  • Library Tiles. Give your users a preview of what’s available to download and create a compelling content experience by associating an image with each piece of content in the Library. Images can be auto-generated or specified manually. COMPLETED (info)
  • Easy Single Sign-On (SSO) from Salesforce into Channeltivity. (Salesforce Edition) Our updated SSO will allow all customers to automatically log in and access Channeltivity functionality from within Salesforce. Unlike our current SSO implementation, this new SSO will not require a custom Salesforce domain. COMPLETED (info)
  • Training and Certification email notifications. Get notified when Users complete a Course, achieve a Certification or when a Certification is about to expire. COMPLETED
  • Embed external content into Lessons in the Training and Certification module. Whether you want to use external content such as SlideShare or would like complete control over your training experience, the new embeddable content type makes it easy. COMPLETED


  • Push Certification info into Salesforce. (Salesforce Edition) Each User and Partner Organization’s Certifications can be mapped to their respective Contact and Account records in Salesforce, giving you an easily accessible real-time summary of their Certifications.
  • Co-Branded Collateral module. This new module allows partners to easily generate and download customized PDF collateral. Admins upload PDF templates and define areas that can be customized by the partner. When the partner generates the PDF, predefined assets like the partner’s logo and address automatically flow into the document and can be tweaked to generate the final PDF. Give your partners self-service access to co-branded marketing without having to lift a finger.

Make sure to check the Q2 Product Roadmap announcement for an up-to-date status of upcoming features.

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