Channeltivity starts you out with a set of standard fields for your Partner record and Become a Partner Form, but you can add additional custom fields to capture more information. Fields added to this section can be mapped to the Account object in Salesforce. 

Configuring Partner Record 

To add a field, go to Settings > User & Organization Fields > Partner Record Custom Fields. 

  1. Click Add Field
  2. Name your field 
  3. Select a field type from the drop down. Check Required if the field is required.
  4. Add a description (optional but recommended).
  5. Select field visibility. These custom questions can be displayed on your Become a Partner application form.  
  6. Click OK and repeat the process for any additional fields you want to add.

Partner Record - New Custom Field Window

After adding all of your custom fields, you can separate the fields into sections by clicking Add a Section. You can also reorder the fields by hovering over a field, clicking and dragging it to the appropriate location. If you need to edit or delete a field, hover your mouse over the field and select one of the options to the far right. 

Partner Record Custom Field Page 

When you are finished making all of your changes, click Save.