This article provides an overview of Channeltivity’s Lead Distribution integration with HubSpot. Please also see the Lead Distribution HubSpot Integration Setup instructions and What is the Lead Distribution Module and How Does it Work?

Channeltivity’s Lead Distribution integration with HubSpot allows you to easily create Leads in Channeltivity by importing Contacts and Deals from HubSpot. Leads created this way can be distributed to your Partners and are kept in sync with the originating HubSpot record so you can see the Lead’s Channeltivity status within HubSpot.

The Lead Distribution integration can be explained in three steps:

  1. You check a box on one or more Contacts and/or Deals in HubSpot. 
  2. Channeltivity automatically imports these flagged HubSpot records as Leads.
  3. Any changes made on either side will sync to the other side based on the field mappings and configuration you define.