Intemittent Application Availability - RESOLVED

Starting at 08:09 am GMT-0500 on August 10th, 2022, some Channeltivity customers started experiencing intermittent availability and slow load times within the application service. Working with Microsoft, we investigated and mitigated the issue, returning all services to normal by 10:18 am GMT-0500. 

Update August 19, 2022: Microsoft is analyzing affected memory dumps and stack traces of the issue.

Update September 2, 2022: Microsoft has identified Application Insights as the location of the high CPU issue and is investigating the cause. 

Update September 9, 2022: Microsoft has determined that the high CPU usage was caused by conflicting diagnostics and telemetry libraries and the auto-instrumentation functionality within Application Insights. We've updated our application configuration to eliminate this conflict and the application has been running stable.

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