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Remove or archive Course completion records.

A nice feature would be the ability to remove/delete/archive course completion records as they currently are not removable and the listing gets quite large when a number of users take and complete a number of courses throughout the year.  Voiding the course does not remove them from the listing.  Maybe a way to archive records into a bin while removing them from the report could be done. 

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Hi Tony,

Thanks for your note. I've logged a feature request and will post back here with any updates. 

In the meantime, do you think using any of the filters would help pairing down your view of the Course Completions? We have the ability to view only the most current ones or filter by those that were created in the last 30 days etc. Let me know if you have any additional feedback. I'll also reach out directly with my contact info so we can set up a call if you'd like.

Best regards,


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