August 2019 Product Roadmap Update

Dear Customers,

Welcome to our quarterly product roadmap update, where we discuss major upcoming features in Channeltivity. 

Following a successful upgrade of Channeltivity’s underlying architecture, we’ve continued adding actions to our Zapier integration and implemented a long-awaited multi-select field type. We’ve also started working on the ability to customize the columns visible on lister pages. The HubSpot Integrations for Partner Sync and Lead Distribution that were originally scheduled for Q2 have been pushed to Q4 of this year and Q1 2020, respectively.

As features are released, expect updates and how-to documentation/ videos. We welcome your feedback, so please feel free to contact us with questions or comments.

Here is what to expect over the next six months:


  • Multi-select custom fields. A new type of custom field similar to a picklist, but allowing users to pick multiple values instead of just one. Compared to adding dozens of individual checkboxes to a layout, the multi-select field creates a cleaner look that’s easy to manage. COMPLETED
  • Salesforce support for multi-select fields. Map the new multi-select fields to and from Salesforce (Salesforce Edition only). COMPLETED
  • Zapier Actions for finding and updating Organizations. Use the Zapier integration and automation platform to search for and make changes to Partners and Deal Accounts. COMPLETED (info) 


  • HubSpot CRM Integration – Partner Sync. Keep Partner information synchronized between your CRM and PRM.
  • Customizable lister columns. Customize lister pages and reports to display only the columns you need, including custom fields.

Make sure to check the November 2019 Product Roadmap announcement for an up-to-date status of upcoming features.

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