May 2019 Product Roadmap Update

Dear Customers,

Welcome to our quarterly product roadmap update, where we discuss major upcoming features in Channeltivity. 

This quarter, we’re very excited about our new integration with Zapier. Zapier is an online automation tool that allows systems to integrate with one another to share information,  automate tasks and workflows. Connecting Channeltivity with Zapier will open a whole new world of point-and-click integrations (no coding required) with Channeltivity and other systems. Look for the ability to connect Channeltivity’s Deal Registration with thousands of other web applications around the end of Q2. 

We’re also working to move Channeltivity to a new underlying architecture that will improve load times and the overall reliability of the system. Due to this project, the HubSpot Integrations for Lead Distribution and Partner Sync that were originally scheduled for Q2, have been pushed to Q3.

As features are released, expect updates and how-to documentation/ videos. We welcome your feedback, so please feel free to contact us with questions or comments.

Here is what to expect over the next six months:


  • Zapier Integration – Deal Registration. Connect your Channeltivity Deal Registration process with 1000’s of other web applications and easily automate your processes. COMPLETED (info)
  • System Architecture Improvements. Ongoing changes to boost Channeltivity’s performance, reliability and maintainability. COMPLETED 


  • HubSpot CRM Integration – Partner Sync. Keep Partner information synchronized between your CRM and PRM.
  • HubSpot CRM Integration – Lead Distribution. Use Channeltivity to distribute your HubSpot Deals to your Partners. 

Make sure to check the August 2019 Product Roadmap announcement for an up-to-date status of upcoming features.

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