Channeltivity’s New User Interface (2016)

We’re launching a new user interface in the coming months. Read all about it in this article and then ask questions or comment below.

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Hi Zach,

You know I will have lots of questions. :)

So, our sales people won't need to download an "app" to view and use Channeltivity on their devices with this new interface?

The article mentions users with Widget Admin Permission -- does that mean as an Admin I can give permission to certain users? And by users you mean those who are part of NewTek or any of our partner users?

Hi Germaine,

Thanks for your questions.

There's no app to download. You'll be able to access Channeltivity directly via your mobile browser.

In the new UI, Internal Users with Widget Content Administration permissions will be able to manage Articles and Welcome Messages. Changing the layout of a page or adding/removing Widgets will require Administrator permissions. To answer your question specifically: Yes, you can give Internal (not Partner) Users access to create and edit Articles by making them a member of a Group with Widget Content Administration permissions.

Best regards,


Ok. So we will have to refine some of our internal groups. But it sounds like it will help keep us from having so many administrators.


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