Microsoft Azure Service Downtime - RESOLVED

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015, 7:27 PM EST

Channeltivity is experiencing database connectivity issues resulting in downtime affecting all customers. We're actively working with Microsoft to determine the cause of the issue and will post updates as we find out more.

Update 8:39 PM EST

Connectivity is restored and all customers are back online. We will continue to monitor the issue until we get the All Clear from Microsoft.

Update Thursday, December 24th, 9:14 AM EST

All Clear from Microsoft. Here's the official report with the root cause analysis: 

Between approximately 00:42 and 01:35 UTC on 24 December, 2015 customers with SQL, Key Vault, Cloud Services, Virtual Machines, Redis Cache, and Stream Analytics services in the North Central US region may have encountered degraded performance or inability to access service resources. 

The root cause of the issue was a change to network infrastructure resulted in degraded network connectivity to impacted services.  

Our engineers rolled back a network change to immediately improve network performance and connectivity to impacted service resources, which resolved the issue.