System Downtime - RESOLVED

Microsoft Azure's SQL Database service experienced downtime today from 2:34 pm - 2:54 pm and 3:18 pm - 3:23 pm EDT (GMT - 4) which caused Channeltivity to be unavailable to customers. We have reproduced the details of the advisory from the Azure Service Dashboard:

SQL Databases

14 Apr 2014 6:15 PM UTC

An alert for SQL Databases in Southeast Asia, East Asia, Japan East and Japan West is being investigated. It has not been determined if this is customer impacting. More information will be provided as it is known.

14 Apr 2014 6:55 PM UTC

Engineers are currently investigating issues with connectivity to SQL Databases in multiple sub-regions. We are working to identify the cause and develop mitigation steps. Further updates will be published to keep you apprised of the situation. We apologize for any inconvenience this is causing our customers.

14 Apr 2014 7:52 PM UTC

The cause of this issue has been identified, mitigation steps have been implemented, and we are no longer seeing any impact from this incident. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused our customers. 

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