When you first create a Group and give it access to the Resource Library module, none of the existing Documents in the Library will be accessible. This is because the new Group hasn't been assigned permissions to any Files/Documents. While you could edit each Document and select the new Group in the permissions area, there's a much easier way to assign permissions using the Library Report. 

Step 1: Go to Library > Reports 

Step 2: Go To The Library Report

The Library Report includes a list of all the items in the Library. 

Step 3: Select Documents To Change Permissions > Actions

You can select the top checkbox to select all the items on the page. You'll then use the Actions button to do one of the following: 

  • Replace Group Permissions - allows you to replace/change the current Group permission(s) of the selected records.
  • Add Group Access - allows you to add an additional Group permission to the selected records.

Step 4: Select Group(s) > Save 

Replace Group Permissions Screen

Add Group Permissions Screen


What if I have more than one Library? 

If you have more than one Library, you'll repeat the above process in each Library.