Congratulations on becoming an Admin User in Channeltivity! We've compiled a list of support articles to set you up for success using the portal. This kit is divided into the below three sections/categories:

  • The Basics - Learn how to manage day-to-day Admin tasks such as approving User Requests, updating Library content, and more. 
  • Helpful Tools & Features - Learn how to reset User passwords and impersonate other Users in the system to test permissions. 
  • Channeltivity Support & Knowledge Base - Learn how to access our extensive Knowledge Base of support articles and contact our support team for assistance.  

The Basics: 

Helpful Tools & Features: 

  • User Impersonation - Learn how to access and operate Channeltivity as if you were logged in as another User to test permissions and content. 
  • Reset a User's Password - Reset passwords for Users who have forgotten their passwords or allowed their passwords to expire. 
  • Email Digest Feature - Bundle portal activity email notifications into a single email. 
  • Email Log - Search, preview, and resend failed emails that were sent from your portal. 

Knowledge Base & Channeltivity Support:

Our top priority is delivering unparalleled customer support to ensure the utmost satisfaction of our customers. Therefore,  we encourage you to contact our Support Team with any questions, feedback, ideas, concerns, or training needs. 

Additionally, we recommend utilizing our extensive Knowledge Base, which offers convenient access to troubleshooting solutions and other helpful information. The Knowledge Base is divided into the categories listed below.