Getting your Partners to log into your portal regularly, can be a difficult task. While this can be a challenge from time to time, there are actions you can take to increase the engagement of your Partners as well as your visibility into their activities. Use these motivational techniques to keep Partners engaged and motivated to sell your product.  

Set Clear Expectations 

 Make sure you have clear expectations in place for both Partners and Internal team members.

  • If Opportunities/Leads are supposed to be submitted via the portal and content is found in the portal, then Partners should follow the process. Internal team members should enforce this policy by directing Partners to the portal versus sending emails or manually entering Opportunities/Leads on their behalf.
  • Partners should use the portal as a one-stop shop for access to sales tools and resources to help them sell your products
  • Communicate your expectations in your portal welcome message and/or launch communications

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Review your Deal Registration Program

Deal Registration is a key foundation piece of many partner programs. Consider reviewing your current Deal Registration program to ensure you have well-defined requirements and benefits. Consider the following when reviewing your Deal Registration program:

  • The process for registering a new Opportunity/Lead.
  • The Partner benefits from a new Opportunity/Lead.
  • Expectations for Partner updates and progression.
  • Internal commitments for support and Deal assistance.
  • Creating or tweaking Partner incentives for Deal Registration.

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Create a Content Strategy 

Provide partners with the content they need, when they need it and in advance of the general public. Keeping the content in your portal fresh and relevant, gives Partners a reason to come back.  Drive them to the portal on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to obtain the below items from the Library, and/or Home Page. You can also upload these items to the Co-Branded Collateral module. This will allow Partners to co-brand the content with their logo and contact information. 

  • product updates
  • technical updates
  • marketing materials
  • announcements
  • support detail

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Build a Strong Home Page 

The portal Home Page is the main landing page for your Partners as they enter the portal. Your Partners are looking to quickly gain access to the information they need to better sell and market your solution. Providing them with easy access to this information is key. Consider including the following items on your Home Page: 

  • A welcome message that includes expectations 
  • Latest resources available to them (i.e. new or added materials to the Library)
  • News and announcements specific to your Partners  
  • Information on promotions 
  • Links to key parts of the portal (i.e. Deal Registration, Library and Training)
  • Partner Manager or Portal Admin contact information

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Additional Suggestions 

  • Offer incentives to motivate Partners to set up their accounts and register Deals in the portal.
  • Gift cards or special pricing to the first few Users or Partner Organizations that set up their accounts
  • Marketing Development Funds (MDF) in return for registering X amount of Deals
  • Let it be known that the more Deals they bring to the table, the more resources you will reciprocate with to further their future success
  • Promote Partner engagement by using the Training module to test and certify your Partners right from your portal
  • Have Partners enter business plans into the portal using the Business Plans module
  • Contact Channeltivity Support to discuss more tips and best practices to increase partner engagement