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We are excited to have you on board, and we look forward to helping you reach your channel goals using your Channeltivity portal. We have compiled a list of support articles to help you set up your portal, launch it to your Partners, and manage its data. 

Implementation and Setup:

The implementation process allows you to configure the system to meet your program needs and determine the data flow between systems.  

Managing your Portal: 

Proper management of your portal is vital to its success. It's important that Admin Users understand how to use the features and functionalities that are available to them.

  • Admin User Welcome Kit - New Admins can use the items in this kit to learn how to manage and update your portal's content, data, and Users. 
  • Partner Recruitment & Onboarding - Learn how to recruit, profile, vet, and onboard new Partners.  
    • Partner Agreements Functionality- Allow your Partners to electronically sign legal documents, such as partnership agreements, NDAs etc. right within Channeltivity. 
  • Deal Registration Overview- Learn how the Deal Registration process works in Channeltivity between the Partner and Vendor. 
  • Lead Distribution Overview - Distribute Leads to Partners and track their progress. 
  • Training & Certification Overview (add-on module)- Learn how to train and certify Users by creating Courses, Lessons, Quizzes, and Certifications. 
  • MDF Overview  (add-on module) - Manage MDF or Co-op funds in Channeltivity. 
  • Business Planning Overview (add-on module) -  Build and review detailed business plans with your Partners. 
  • Co-Branded Collateral Overview - Add content to your portal for Partners to cobrand with their logo and contact information. 
  • Referral Module - Capture Referrals, provide real-time updates to Partners, and track commissions. 
  • Incentives Integration - Our integration with Incentive Solutions allows your Partners to earn points for completing portal-specific tasks such as registering/updating Deals, completing Training items, submitting MDF Requests, and more. Partners can then redeem those points for merchandise in an online catalog. 
  • News & Email Marketing Overview  (add-on modules) - The functionality of the News & Email Marketing modules allows you to 1) create rich news content within Channeltivity, customizing the audience based on permissions and subscribed topics, and 2) send personalized email messages to Partners that include content relevant to their interests. Powerful analytics give insights into partner behavior and campaign performance. 

Launching your Portal:


Once you've set up and configured your portal, it's time to launch it to your Partners.