User records represent the people logging into the portal, and there are three types of User records in Channeltivity:

  • Internal - Internal Users are associated with Internal Organizations and Internal Groups.
  • Partner - Partner Users are associated with Partner Organizations and Partner Groups. 
  • Distributor - Distributor Users are associated with Distributor Organizations and Groups. 

There are four possible statuses of User records:  

  • Active: User is associated with an Active Partner or Distributor Organization in Channeltivity and has activated their User account.
  • Pending: User has not activated their account. 
  • Inactive: User is associated with an Inactive Partner or Distributor Organization in Channeltivity. This usually happens when an Organization is deactivated.
  • Disabled: User was disabled by an Administrator (or the Primary Contact at their Organization) and can no longer access the portal.  

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