The following is a list of common errors related to promoting Contacts to Users and steps to take to resolve them.  For information on how to promote Contacts to Users, check out: How Do I Promote Contacts to Users?.

  • Reason: The Contact is assigned to a Prospective Partner Organization. 
  • Solution: Only Contacts assigned to Active Partner Organizations can be promoted to Users, so you'll have to change the Partner Organization's status to "Active" to promote the Contact to a User.

  • Reason: There's a User in the system with the same email address as the Contact you're trying to promote. 
  • Solution: 
    1. Search for the email address to locate the User. 
    2. Delete the Contact. 
    3.  If the User is a Pending User, you can resend the account activation email to the User (after deleting the Contact) using the instructions listed in this article: How Do I Resend a User's Account Activation Email?.

  • Reason: You're trying to promote a User that's already a User in the system. 
  • Solution: This usually happens when trying to promote Contacts in bulk. Make sure there are no Active, Pending, Disabled, or Inactive Users included in your selection. 

  • Reason: The Contact's email domain is associated with a different Partner Organization than the one they're assigned to.
  • Solution: Remove the email domain from the Partner Organization that it's assigned to and add it to the Ignored Email Domains list. 

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