Deleting a User will revoke their access to Channeltivity and prevent them from logging into the system. Once you delete a User, you will no longer be able to assign them Leads and other records. 

Here's how you delete a User:

  1. Log into Channeltivity as an Administrator.
  2. Go to the User's Profile by going to Admin > Users (or by going to Partner Management > Users & Contacts or Distributor Management > Users & Contacts) and click on the First or Last Name of the User to view their profile. 
  3. From the User's Profile, click the "Actions" button in the top right > Delete.

  4. If the User is assigned to any records, the confirmation screen will allow you to re-assign them:

  5. If the User does not have any records assigned, the confirmation screen is much simpler:

Deleting Users in Bulk:

You can delete Users in bulk by going to Admin > Users and selecting the checkboxes next to the Users that you want to delete > Actions > Delete. 

You can also delete Users and Contacts in bulk from the below Users & Contacts lister pages:

  • Partner Management > Users & Contacts

  • Distributor Management > Users & Contacts 

Simply select the checkboxes next to the Users and Contacts you wish to delete > Actions > Delete. 


Will deleting a Partner User/Contact in Channeltivity also delete the corresponding Contact record in HubSpot/Salesforce? No, it will not delete the linked record in HubSpot/Salesforce. 

Can I delete a User that has entities assigned to them?

You'll need to reassign the entities to another User within the User's Organization before deleting the User.