The way the Library works is that Users only see the content in the Library that is assigned to the Groups they are assigned to. They also only see the Folders in the Library that contain content that is assigned to their Group(s). 

To assign permissions to content, select the appropriate Group(s) in the Permissions & Visibility section that you want to have access to the file/document. 

File Upload Edit Screen-  Permissions & Visibility Section

  • If you want a specific content piece to only be available to a specific Partner you can leave the Groups unchecked and select a Partner from the Partner drop down.
  • You can also set a date range for the content piece. This will expose the document based on the date set and expire the content piece on a specified date.
  • Follow these steps until all your Partner content is added to the portal.

You can also assign Library content to Groups in bulk using the Document Reports. You can access the Document Report by going to Library > Reports > Document Report. Switch to the lIst view, select the checkboxes next to the documents that you need to assign Groups to and click the Actions button > Add Group Access. 

Document Report - List View