You can control access to Library content using Group permissions. When uploading a piece of content, you select the Group(s) that should have access to the content, and only Users in the selected Groups will see the content in the Library. 

File Upload Edit Screen-  Groups

Assigning Content to an Organization: 

You also have the ability to assign content to an individual Organization, and only the Users at that Organization will see that piece of content in the Library. You can accomplish this using the "Organization" dropdown menu shown below:  

File Upload Edit Screen-  Organization 

Tips & Best Practices:

  • It's important to remember that permissions are assigned on the file/document level and not the folder level. This means that Users only see folders in the Library that contain content assigned to the Group(s) and/or Organization they belong to. 
  • The Library Report contains a list of all the files in the Library, and you can access the Report by going to Library > Reports > Library Report. You can use the Report/View to update Library content in bulk by selecting the checkboxes next to the items you want to update > Actions:
    • Replace Group Permissions - allows you to replace/change the current Group permission(s) of the selected records. 
    • Add Group Access - allows you to add an additional Group permission to the selected records. 
    • Remove Group Access - allows you to remove a Group permission from the selected records.
    • Change Owner- allows you to change the Owner of the selected records. 
    • Move - allows you to move the selected records
    • Delete - allows you to delete the selected records. 

Library Report - List View