The content Library is made up of a set of folders. Folders can have subfolders and content. First, determine what your content folders will be named. Keep in mind that each content piece will be assigned to a Group or multiple Groups. Only Partners in the selected Group will have visibility to the content.

Your folder structure should be setup with the Partner in mind, with the content segmented in a way that will make it easy for Partners to find. Consider grouping your content by content type, product, solution, or category.

Adding Folders

To add a folder:

  1. Click New Folder.
  2. Name your folder
  3. Add a description, and click Save.

   Library Folders Page 

New Folder Window 

With your folders created you can now add a subfolder or start adding content.

Adding Content

To add content:

  1. Click New under the appropriate folder.
  2. Select the content type you would like to add.


3. Upload your file.
4. Give the file the title you want Partners to see within the portal.
5. Select or upload an image for the file's thumbnail preview. The thumbnail will appear in the Small and Large Tiles view.
6. Add a description and any keywords you would like associated with the file. The title, description, and keywords will drive the search results for your content.

7. Assign the appropriate Groups and/or Organization to the file. Learn more about assigning Group permissions here

 New File Window- Details Section

New File Window- Permissions & Visibility 

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