The Library provides Partners with self-service access to marketing resources, sales tools, technical documentation, and more. This article explains how to create folders, upload content, and assign permissions to content. 

Adding Folders:

Library folders are used to organize and catalog files, links, and videos uploaded to the Library. It's important to create a folder structure that Partners will understand so that they keep coming back to the portal to access the materials they need to sell your products and services.   When creating your folder structure, we recommend reviewing the Partner content that you have and grouping the content by type, product, solution, or category. For more tips and best practices, check out: What's the Best Way to Structure my Partner Library?.

To add a Folder:

  1. Go to the Library and click the "New Folder" button. 
  2. Name your Folder.
  3. Add a description.
  4. Upload an image for the Folder's thumbnail and click Save. 
    • Thumbnail image should be saved as GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG or JFIF and be at least 180px in both dimensions.

  Library Folders Page

New Folder Window 

With your folders created, you can now add a subfolder (a folder within a folder) or start adding content.

Adding Content:

You control access to Library content with Group permissions. When uploading a piece of content, you select the Group(s) that should have access to the content, and only Users in the selected Groups will see the content in the Library.

To add content:

  1. Click "New" under the appropriate folder.
  2. Select the content type you would like to add:
    • New Folder (subfolder)
    • New File 
    • New Link 
    • New Video  


3. Upload your file.
4. Give the file the title you want Partners to see within the portal.
5. Select or upload an image for the file's thumbnail preview. The thumbnail will appear in the small and large tile views.
6. Add a description and any keywords you would like associated with the file. The title, description, and keywords will drive the search results for your content.

7. Assign the appropriate Groups and/or Organization to the file. Learn more about assigning Group permissions here

 New File Window- Details Section

New File Window- Permissions & Visibility 

Uploading Videos

You can upload videos to the Library using the "New File" or "New Video" options. 

  • New File: The video will not play in Channeltivity, and to view the video, Users will have to download it to their computer and view it in an external media player.
  • New Video: Users will be able to view the video in Channeltivity, and you can give them the option to download it by enabling the "Allow non-Admin Users to download this video" functionality when uploading the video. This functionality becomes available when you upload one of the following file types: MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, and MKV. Videos uploaded using the YouTube/Vimeo option will play in the portal, but Users won't be able to download them. 

New Video Edit Screen 


How Do I Assign Permissions to Folders? 

Permissions are assigned to content, not folders. The way the Library works is that Users (assigned to Groups with Library access) only see the folders in the Library that have content assigned to the Groups they are assigned to. For example, if a folder contains content that is only assigned to one Group, then only the Users in that Group will see the Folder in the Library. Other Users from other Groups will not see the Folder in the Library because it does not contain content that is assigned to their Group.

How Does the Organization Assignment Functionality Work? 

It allows you to assign content to an Organization, and only the Users at that Organization will have access to that piece of content.  

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