The Rewards Points functionality allows you to incentivize your Partner and Distributor Users by awarding points for completing different activities within Channeltivity. The way the process works is you assign point values to activities such as registering Deals, downloading Library content, and submitting MDF Requests. Users are then awarded points for completing the activities.


How do Partner and Distributor Users track their Rewards Points?

Partner and Distributor Users can view their Rewards Points balance and history in their User Profile menu.

How do Internal Users track Rewards Points earned by Partner/Distributor Users?

Internal Users can view and track Partner/Distributor User Rewards Points using the “Rewards Points Report” by going to “Reports” in the left navigation menu > Rewards Points Report.  


The Report contains a list of all the activities Users have completed and the points awarded for each activity. You can see the total number of points earned by each User by adding the “Balances” column to the Report. 

To add the Balances column, click the gear icon in the top right > Manage Columns. You’ll then click the “Add Column” button to add the Balances column to the Report. Learn more about customizing reports here.


Point balances are also listed on User profiles in the “Rewards Points Balance” field. 

How do I manually add and remove points from User balances? 

System Admins can manually award points to Users and remove points via the Rewards Points Report.

To add/remove points, go to "Reports" in the left navigation menu > Rewards Points Report > New > select one of the following to add/remove points:

  • Credit Rewards Points to User - add points 
  • Debit Rewards Points to User - remove points

You’ll then select the name of the User that you wish to add or remove points from, enter the amount, and the activity or reason for the addition or removal of points > Save.

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