The Rewards Points functionality allows you to incentivize your Partner and Distributor Users by awarding points for completing different activities within Channeltivity. Eligible activities include registering Deals, completing Training, submitting MDF Requests, and more. Users can then redeem earned points for tangible rewards or exclusive privileges offered by your program (redemption occurs outside of Channeltivity).

By introducing this gamified approach, Users are incentivized to actively participate and accomplish specific actions, fostering a sense of achievement and recognition. It also serves as a powerful tool to boost engagement among Partners and Distributors, contributing to a more dynamic and collaborative ecosystem within Channeltivity.

For more tactics to increase Partner/Distributor engagement, check out: Increasing Partner Engagement.

How Does It Work?

You assign point values to the activities below, and Partner/Distributor Users are awarded points each time they complete an activity. 

Users complete activities to earn points and can then view their Rewards Points balance and history in their User Profile menu. 

Internal Users can use the "Rewards Points Report" (Reports > Rewards Points Report) to view and track point balances. Learn more about tracking point balances in this article: How Do I Track Rewards Points?.

Point balances are also stored on the User profile in the “Rewards Points Balance” field. 


How Do I Turn It On? 

You can contact Channeltivity Support to enable the Rewards Points functionality in your portal.  Once enabled, you can activate and configure it by going to Settings > Portal Configuration > Rewards Points. You’ll then switch the Status to “Enabled” to begin enabling and assigning point values to activities. Learn more about configuring Rewards Points here.




Can the list of activities be modified to include custom activities? 

It’s not possible to add custom activities to the list of available activities. 

Can points be manually awarded to Users? 

Points can be manually awarded to Users and removed by a System Admin via the Rewards Points Report. You can access the report by going to Reports > Rewards Points Report. You'll then click the "New" button and select one of the following to add/remove points: 

  • Credit Rewards Points to User - add points 
  • Debit Rewards Points to User - remove points

Learn more about this topic here

How do Users redeem earned Points?

Channeltivity doesn't not include any rewards catalog or self-serve redemption functionality. Award Points need to be redeemed outside of Channeltivity and are then manually debited within Channeltivity.

Are there any email notifications associated with the Rewards Points functionality? 

There are no email notifications for Rewards Points. 

Are Internal Users eligible for Rewards Points?

The Rewards Points functionality is for Partner and Distributors Users only. 

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