What Should be Co-branded?


Not all collateral is created equal. Your co-branded collateral collection should be a subset of your overall partner content. Don’t co-brand content for the sake of co-branding content, be strategic. Co-branding collateral works best on assets that partners can share with prospects and customers. Consider starting with datasheets, whitepapers and other end-user facing content. If you are having a hard time deciding where to start you can reach out to Partners and your sales team members to get their thoughts on the content they use most during the sales cycle. You can also ask Partners for their input on what assets would be most beneficial if made co-brandable.


Which Partners Should Co-brand? 


Co-branded content should be a highlighted benefit of your partner program. This functionality can be added as a tiered benefit for partners that have shown commitment within your program. The Co-Branded Collateral module is a great example of an exclusive benefit. Add it to your list of incentives and rewards only giving Partners that achieve a certain level of success access to the module and its content. 


How Should Co-branding be Launched to Partners?

Adding functionality for your partners is a great opportunity to show partners your continued commitment to your partnership. It is important to highlight new functionality and call out how it can be used by partners to grow their business. Prior to rolling out the co-branding functionality to your Partners, make sure to add an announcement to your home page and/or send out an email communication that includes the following:

  • Benefits  
    • Partners will no longer have to manually edit your documents or submit co-branding requests to your marketing team. 
    • With 24/7 access to the co-branded collateral module, there's no delay and content is generated instantly with just a few clicks. 
    • Partners will be able to distribute high-quality professional content with their logo and contact information to prospects showing their strong partnership.
  • How-to documentation 
    • Create an instructional video or guide for Partners outlining the process for co-branding. You can link to the document from your home page and/or email communication. 

What is Being Co-branded Most?


Once you’re up and running, you can use the Generated Collateral Report to see what Assets Partners are and aren't co-branding, then take action. Evaluating your content will help you determine what content is most beneficial to Partners and prospects. If you find that Partners aren’t co-branding specific Assets, reach out to them for feedback. Doing so will help ensure you upload content that is relevant and valuable to Partners. 

Generated Collateral Report 

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