You can disable a User's account by going to their profile in Channeltivity and clicking the "Actions" button in the top right corner of the page > Disable. 

You can also disable Users in bulk by going to Admin > Users > select the checkbox next to the Users that you want to disable > Actions > Disable. 

What happens when you disable a User's account? 

The User will no longer be able to log into the portal, receive Leads, register Deals, etc. 

It's also important to note that you cannot filter Deals, Leads, or other items by User accounts that have been disabled. For example, if you wish to generate a report that displays all the Deals assigned to a User's account that has been disabled, you will need to temporarily re-enable the User's account to do so. 

Who can disable User accounts? 

System Admins can disable User accounts, and they can also give Primary Contacts of Partner and Distributor Organizations the ability to disable and re-enable User accounts by going to Settings > Portal Configuration > General Portal Settings. Scroll down to the User & Organization Profile Settings and select the "Allow the Primary Contact of a Partner or Distributor Organization to disable enable other User within their Organization" checkbox and click Save. 

How do I re-enable disabled User accounts?

You can re-enable a User's account by going to their profile and clicking the "Actions" button in the top right > Enable. 

You can re-enable User accounts in bulk by going to Admin > Users and selecting the checkboxes next to the names of the Users you want to re-enable > Actions > Enable.  

What happens when you re-enable a disabled User account? 

Re-enabling a User's account restores their access to the portal, allowing them to log into the system again. It's important to note that Users are not notified when their account is re-enabled. 

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