If you haven't already done so, please familiarize yourself with Regions before continuing.

Channeltivity's Deal Registration module features two types of Region Team Manager email notification recipients:

  • Region Team (Partner Region) - Based on the location of the Partner Organization, Users will be notified about Deals registered by Partners located in the Region(s) they are assigned to as Manager. 
  • Region Team (End User Account Region) - Based on the location of the end user/customer Account, Users will be notified about Deals that have end user Accounts located in the Region(s) they are assigned to as Manager.   

What are the Conditions for receiving Region-specific Deal Email Notifications? 

In order to receive Region-specific email notifications of Deal Registration updates, the following conditions need to be met:

  1. The User must be an Active Internal User (can't be Inactive, Deleted, or a Partner User)
  2. The User must be assigned to the Region the Partner or Deal Account is located in. 
  3. The User must have access to the Deal Registration that's being updated. This means the User must be a member of a Group with Deal Registration permissions that allow them to view the Deal. See What Deals can a User see? and How to set up Deal Registration Region Permissions for more info.

Setting up Region Notifications Step-by-Step:

Deal Registration Region Notifications are easy to set up. Here are the steps:

  1. Assign Users to Region Teams by going to Settings > Portal Configuration > Region Settings. Click the "Actions" button next to the Region you wish to assign Managers to > Manage Region Team. 

    You'll then click the "Add Team Member" button to add Region Managers. 
  2. Make sure all Users assigned to the Region Teams are assigned to Groups with permission to the Deal Registration module. Learn more about this topic in this article
  3. Go to Settings > Deal Registration > Deal Email Notifications and configure Deal Email Notifications to include the appropriate Region Team recipients for your Deal Registration program.

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