Onboarding Partners is a key element of using Channeltivity, and the Partner Management module makes it easy to recruit, profile, vet, and onboard new Partners. This article explains how to review and approve Prospective Partner applications, delegate contracts, and provide Users with the appropriate access to your partner portal. 


What is a Prospective Partner?  

A Prospective Partner in Channeltivity is a Partner Organization that has not been accepted into your partner program. Prospective Partners can apply to join your program by filling out your Become a Partner form. Once the form is submitted, an unassigned Prospective Partner Organization is created in Channeltlivity along with a Contact record that includes the information of the person that submitted the form.

Note: You can also create Prospective Partners in Channeltivity by going to Partners > New Prospective Partner or import them into Channeltivity from Salesforce and HubSpot using the Partner Sync Integration.

How do I manage Prospective Partners? 

New Become a Partner form submissions will appear in the System Messages as "Unassigned Prospective Partners." They are listed as "unassigned" because Prospective Partners must be assigned to an Internal User for vetting and approval. You can click the link in the System Messages to view the unassigned Prospective Partners and click on their names to view/edit their profile details.

System Messages

You can then click on a Partner's name to view/edit details about the Prospect and assign them to the appropriate Internal User for vetting and approval.

Unassigned Partners List


How do I vet and approve Prospective Partners?


You can click the Edit button in the top right corner of the Partner Details page to make edits and manage the approval process.

Partner Details Page


Be sure to update the Partner Type field with the appropriate Partner Type. The Partner Type field is used to categorize your different types of Partners for reporting purposes. It can also be used with the Agreements functionality (if enabled).  ***Partner Types are for reporting purposes ONLY. Partner Types DO NOT segment content or grant/restrict access.*** 

Partner Details - Edit 

Scroll down to the Prospective Partner Details section to manage the Prospective Partner approval process. 

Prospective Partner Details - Edit

  • Stage - Indicates where you are in the vetting and approval process of the Partner. Learn more about this topic here: Prospective Partner Stages
  • Expected Close Date - Date you expect to finalize/close negotiations 
  • Assigned to - Internal User that's in charge of vetting and approving the Prospective Partner. If the Partner is left unassigned, they will appear in the System Messages as an "Unassigned Prospective Partner." This is not the same as assigning an Internal User to a Partner as Manager. Managers can only be assigned to Active Partners.
  • Expected Yearly Revenue - Projected yearly income generated from sales
  • Description - Any additional details or notes


When you are ready to make them an Active Partner Organization in Channeltivity, update the Stage to "Closed Won (make Partner active)."  

 Prospect Partner Details

You can also make the Partner Active (or Inactive) from the Partner Details screen. Click the Actions button in the top right corner > Make Active (or Make Inactive). 

Partner Details Screen

How do I promote a Contact to a User?  

Once you activate the Partner, the system will then prompt you to promote the Contacts associated with the Partner to Users by clicking the "View Partner's Contacts" button in the screenshot below: 

Promote Contacts Notification

You'll then select the checkboxes next to their names > Actions > Promote Contacts to Users.

You'll assign the Users to the appropriate Group(s) > Promote, which will trigger an email to the Users to activate their User accounts. 

Promote Contacts - Group Assignment Window


How do Partners sign Agreements?

With the above steps completed, the new Partner User will receive an email with their account activation link. They'll activate their account by completing their User profile and creating a password. If the Partner Agreements functionality is enabled, and the User is authorized to sign Partner Agreements for their Organization, the system will prompt them to digitally sign the Pending Agreements assigned to their Organization. Learn more about the Agreements functionality here

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