When you sign up a new channel partner this often means filling out reseller agreements and other legal documents. The Partner Agreements feature helps manage this process by allowing your Partners to electronically sign legal documents, such as partnership agreements, NDAs etc. right within Channeltivity. The Partner Agreements feature is available to customers using the Partner Module. 

How do Partner Agreements work?

  1. Create Agreement text templates of your legal documents and include contain placeholders for Partner-specific information, e.g. Company Name, address, etc.
  2. Assign Agreements to Partner Organizations. This can be done manually, or automatically based on Partner Type and geographic region.
  3. Once an authorized Partner User with an unsigned Agreement logs in, they are presented with the Agreement to sign. They review the Agreement and type their name to create an electronic signature.
  4. The signed Agreement is stored in the Partner's record and can be accessed at any time.

How to set up Partner Agreements:

Setting up the Partner Agreements functionality is straightforward and can be done in minutes. We recommend you consult with legal counsel before and during the implementation, which may affect this timeline. 

  1. Familiarize yourself with the Partner Agreements functionality and assemble the text for all Agreements to be entered into Channeltivity.
  2. Enable the Partner Agreements functionality in your portal and configure your signature blocks:
    1. Go to the Partner Agreements Settings page (Settings > Partner Agreements > Partner Agreement Settings).
    2. Review the Partner Signature Block and change its content as desired.

    3. Make any additional changes to the Agreement settings as needed.
  3. Create any number of Agreement Templates by following these steps:
    1. Go to the Partner Agreements Templates page (Settings > Partner Agreements > Partner Agreement Templates).
    2. Click the "New Agreement Template" button to go to the New Agreement Template page.
    3. Fill in the required fields, making sure that the Agreement Text contains placeholders for Partner signature and any other data you want filled-in automatically. See highlighted placeholders in screenshot for example.

    4. Specify which Partner Types and Regions should be automatically required to sign the Agreement by default. You can always manually override defaults on a Partner-by-Partner basis by editing Agreements on the Partner Details page.

    5. Hit "Save".

Important Note: 

  • While you can manually override automatic Agreement assignments on a per Partner basis, making Agreement Templates required for Partner Types and Regions that contain multiple currently active Partners should be done carefully. We recommend that customers with a large number of existing Partners in Channeltivity submit a support ticket before rolling out the Partner Agreements functionality so we can assist with the planning and configuration process. 


Can I impersonate a Partner User and sign their Agreements?

To protect the integrity of the system, impersonated Users are not able to sign Agreements.

What determines whether a User is authorized to sign Agreements?

Unless their authorization-level has been specified prior, a Partner User will be asked whether they are authorized the first time they log in when there's an unsigned Agreement for their Partner Organization.

You can specify whether a User is authorized to sign Agreements by editing their profile and selecting from the corresponding dropdown:

How can I make my Partner Agreements prettier by using my company letterhead/stationery?

Adding PDF letterhead to use as a backdrop for your Partner Agreements is easy to set up and configure:

  1. Go to the Partner Agreements Letterhead page (Settings > Partner Agreements > Partner Agreement Letterhead).
  2. Select the "Use a custom letterhead" option.
  3. Upload a PDF of your letterhead.
  4. Adjust the margins either by modifying the numbers in the textboxes or dragging the dotted margin lines on the preview image.
  5. Hit the "Save Margins" button.
  6. Any Agreements signed by your Partners moving forward will now use your letterhead as a backdrop.

How can I automatically countersign Partner Agreements?

Automatically add your company’s countersignature to Partner Agreements when the Partner signs. You can do this by adding the countersignature placeholder to your Agreement templates and specifying the countersignatory in the settings.

  1. Go to the Partner Agreements Settings page (Settings > Partner Agreements > Partner Agreement Settings).
  2. Check the "Enable automatic countersigning of agreements" box.
  3. Scroll down to the "Internal Countersignature Block" and enter the details of the person whose signature and information should appear in the countersignature block. You can also update the contents of the Countersignature Block.

  4. Update your Agreement Templates to include the Internal Countersignature Block placeholder.