Internal and Partner Users can add comments, notes and upload files to the History section of a Deal Registration.  Users can set an "Action Required" flag for the Partner and/or Vendor to be notified about the entry. 

  • Partner Action Required- notifies the Partner User assigned to the Deal (Partner Assignee)
  • Vendor Action Required- notifies the Internal Users associated with the Deal such as the Internal User the Deal is assigned to (Internal Assignee), Partner Managers assigned to the Partner Organization, and Region Team Managers.

How are Users notified?

Setting the Action Required flag triggers the following notifications to the Users associated with the Deal:

  • System Messages Widget 
  • Notification Bell Icon 
  • Email Notification - Requires the "Other Changes" event in the Deal Email Notifications to be enabled for recipients.

  •  Automatic Email Reminders are also available for Deals with the Action Required flag set.

Bell Icon - Notification 

How do I clear an Action Required flag on a Deal?


Once an "Action Required" flag has been set, it can be cleared by clicking the "X" next to the action in the history entry or by using the link in the Actions menu:

Clearing the Action Required flag will stop the Deal from appearing in the Deal Action Required Automatic Email Reminder (if enabled).