The Library Widget allows you to highlight important Documents and Folders from a designated Library directly on your home page and other custom pages. Through the configuration options provided by the Library Widget, you can curate a selection of relevant Documents and Folders to be prominently displayed. This is useful to showcase essential or frequently accessed partner library content by making it easily visible and accessible to Users.  

Library Widget - Documents Display (Small Tiles Layout) 

This article explains how to configure and manage the Library Widget. For more information about the Library, check out the following articles: 

Configuring the Library Widget: 

1. Logged in as a System Administrator, go to a custom page such as the home page, and click the "Actions" button in the top right > Layout Editor. 

2. Search for and select the "Library" Widget from the sidebar on the right and drag it over to the desired location on the page (see Tutorial on Custom pages). 

3. The configuration window will open for you to configure the following items: 

  • Title - Enter the title of the Widget 
  • Description - Displayed to the right of the Widget's title
  • Library - Specify which Library's content you want displayed within the Widget
  • Path (optional) - You can use the Path field to display content from a specific Folder in the Library
  • Display - Choose whether you want to display only Documents* (see next section), only Folders, or both Documents and Folders.
  • Layout - Select a layout for the content. Layout options include the following: 
    • Compact
    • Wide
    • Small Tiles
    • Large Tiles

4. When you're done, click "Save" to save your changes.

*NOTE: If you choose to use the Documents Display option, you will be prompted to configure the following items: 

  • Sort Order- Choose how documents are displayed within the Widget by selecting one of the following sort orders:
    • Alphabetical
    • Popular - based on number of views in the last 60 days
    • Recently Changed
    • Rating - Displays content with the highest ratings
  • Document Count - Specify how many Documents the Widget should display at a time 
  • Limit Results (only available when Sort Order is set to Recently Changed) - Specify after how many days a Document should no longer appear in the Widget. For example, if you set this to 30 days, the Widget will not show Documents created or changed before 30 Days ago.
  • Filter by (optional) - You can use the Filter functionality to specify which items should be displayed within the Widget. 

For example, if you want to feature only Files within the Widget and no Videos, Links, or Article Documents, you can accomplish this by setting the "Document Type" filter to File. This will ensure that only items uploaded as Files appear in the Widget.

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