Email sending settings can be accessed by logging in as an administrator and going to Settings > Email > Email Settings.

There are two ways Channeltivity can be configured to send mail:

Option 1: Using the built-in email delivery platform

By default, Channeltivity uses SendGrid, a cloud-based email delivery platform, to ensure all your messages reach their intended recipients. This gives you the ability to track the delivery and open status of each message sent from Channeltivity. 

Messages are sent from Using an address allows us to digitally sign messages to make sure they get delivered. Many email providers have been tightening their security and now only accept messages where the sender can be verified (see DMARC and DKIM). Digitally signing messages greatly reduces their chance of being blocked.

Even though messages from Channeltivity are sent from "[Your Company] Partner Portal" <>, we set the "reply-to" address to your portal email address so that all replies go to you. 

Emails not getting delivered? Read this article.

Option 2: Using your own mail server

If you want to send message from your own email domain, Channeltivity can be configured to use your own SMTP server to send all messages. You won't be able to see the delivery and open statuses of messages sent through your own server, but you will be able to send them from any email address you wish.

  • Pros: 
    • Emails come from your own/company email address vs., which may help with deliverability. 
  • Cons: 
    • It requires someone to set it up, maintain, and configure it properly. Misconfiguration could affect successful delivery rates. 
    • You won't be able to use the Email Log to track the delivery of messages sent through your own server. Therefore, you'll have to work with your IT Team/Mail Admin to troubleshoot issues related to undelivered emails.