If a User claims they did not receive their portal activation or password reset email and your portal's Email Log is showing the messages as delivered, follow the steps listed below: 

Admin Users can access account activation and password reset links from a User's details page by going to Admin > Users > click on the User's name to open their profile. At the top of their profile, there will be a message in yellow that includes a link. Right click on the link in the message and click "Copy Link Address." Once you've copied the link, paste it to the User in an email. 

User's Details Page 

Why would the Email Log show the email was delivered, if the User never received it?  

We use a cloud-based email provider, SendGrid, to ensure all emails sent from your channel partner portal get delivered properly, but sometimes email servers have rules in place that prevent certain types of emails from going to their recipients' mailboxes. When this happens, we recommend you (or your partners) whitelist our sending IP address (o1.email.channeltivity.com) and sending address:  app@channeltivity.com.  

If whitelisting does not resolve the issue, please let us know by submitting a ticket to support@channeltivity.com and we will schedule a call with the User's Email Administrator/ IT Team to troubleshoot.