Internal Users

Internal Users cannot be moved to another Organization. The recommended workaround is to delete the User and create the User again under the new Organization. Deleting a User will allow you to reassign any associated Leads, Deals, MDF Requests, etc. 

Partner Users

Partner Users can be moved to different Organizations. Select the User that you want to move to a different Organization, click the Actions button, and then select Move. 

User Details/Profile Page 

Upon moving a Partner User to a new Partner Organization, you will be prompted to reassign any Deals, Leads, and MDF Requests (that are assigned to the User) to another User within their current Partner Organization. 

Move User Window 


Is it possible to move the Partner User's Leads, Deals, and MDF Requests to the new Organization?  

Open Leads can be moved from one Partner Organization to another, but this functionality is not available for Deals and MDF Requests. To move a Deal or MDF Request to another Partner Organization, you can use the below workarounds: 

What happens to a User's Course and Certification Completions when they are moved to a new Organization? 

The User and their Completions are moved to the new Partner Organization. 

How do I move/reassign a Lead?

Go to Lead Distribution > click on the Lead to view more details and click Actions > Change Assignment. To reassign Leads in bulk, go to Lead Distribution > click the checkboxes next to the Leads that you would like to reassign > Actions > Change Assignment. 

What happens if I move a User that is linked to a Contact in Salesforce?

Moving the User in Channeltivity will move the linked Salesforce Contact to the new Partner Account in Salesforce.

 Can a User be assigned to multiple Organizations? 

It's not possible to assign a User to multiple Organizations as User and Organization associations are a one-to-one relationship.