We automatically track the delivery of emails sent from Channeltivity. If a message is undeliverable due to an invalid email address, we suppress all further emails to that recipient. This allows us to limit our bounces and keep our email reputation score high, which improves deliverability.

Administrators can access the Email Log from the Settings menu:

If an email delivery fails, you'll need to remove the recipient's email address from the bounce list and resend any failed emails.  You can do this by clicking on the View Details button next to the failed email on the Email Log. 

Email Log Page

Click the Unblock Recipient button to remove the recipient's email address from the bounce list. 

Email Details Screen


You'll then be asked to resend any failed emails. Click the Resend Email button to resend the email(s).

Resend Email Screen

If Channeltivity attempts to send an email to a recipient before that recipient's email account has been created, the email address will be put on the "bounce list", which prevents all emails from being sent to that recipient. If this happens, please open a ticket with the email address and we will take it off the bounce list. We also automatically purge bounced email addresses from our bounce list after 30 days.