All email notifications and reminders sent by Channeltivity include an unsubscribe link that allows the recipient to quickly turn off all emails sent by the portal:

Unsubscribing puts their address on the "Unsubscribed Email Addresses" list and blocks all further messages with the exception of password reset emails. You can find this list by logging in as an Administrator and going to Settings > Portal Configuration > Unsubscribed Email Addresses. You can remove recipients from the Unsubscribed Email Addresses list by checking the box and clicking the "Delete" button. All actions are logged and can be found on the User's profile.

Users managing their Email Settings

Users can also update whether they want to receive emails by going to the Email Settings section of their Profile and updating their Email Settings:

Changing a User's unsubscribe settings as an Administrator

As an Administrator, you can also edit a User's unsubscribe setting by using the "Update Email Settings" action from the User Details page: