Channeltivity's Partner Resource Library module redesign went live August 14th, 2023 and brings changes in functionality and UI (read all about these changes here). This article includes everything you need to know about the launch.

What will my new Library look like?

The redesign will add new configuration options and features to create a more engaging and powerful Library experience. 

In an effort to maintain continuity and consistency with your current Library structure and layout, the new Library features will not be enabled by default once the redesign goes live. Therefore, your Library will look and operate similarly to before until you choose to enable and customize the newly available features and functions.

Once the Library redesign goes live, your Library will look and function very similarly to before. We've included examples for both the table and large tile Library configurations.

Table Configuration - Before:

Table Configuration - After:

Large Tile Configuration - Before:

Large Tile Configuration - After:

How do I configure the Library and take advantage of all the new functionality?

This article explains all: Library Configuration Overview

Where can I find out more about the Library changes?

Additional information can be found in this article.