We're excited to announce that we've launched major improvements to the Resource Library module, which has been in need of an update for a while now. The feedback and ideas to improve the Library we've been collecting from customers has finally been implemented to create a more modern user interface as well as expanded functionality. 

We want to make sure our customers are always well-informed about any changes to our PRM software, so they can be prepared and avoid any surprises. This article gives you an overview of the improvements and answers common questions we've we've received from customers (see the FAQ section below). If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team for assistance. 

Library Changes Overview

Being one of our most popular modules, the Library plays a central part in sharing information with partners for many of our customers. In approaching the Library overhaul, we wanted to make sure there would be continuity for existing customers so that they could continue using the Library the way they were used to. This means that we didn't remove any functionality that existed prior. At the same time, we wanted to create more functionality and configuration options to address the various needs of our customers. Read on for more details.

User Interface & Design 

The new Library has a number of new layout and design options, including:

  • Configurable header, including text, text color and background image
  • Ability to highlight certain content with customer-defined Quick Search Tiles that appear on the Library home page
  • Various content layouts ranging from compact to full-width tiles
  • User-friendly document thumbnail layout options

All Library settings are accessible within the Library itself, allowing customers to quickly make changes.

Note: the star-ratings functionality will not be included in the initial launch of the redesigned Library.

New Library Structure Options

The Library module previously followed a strict nested folder hierarchy, which works great if you have lots of information you want to keep organized. For smaller or less document-heavy partner programs, putting everything in folders can create clutter, so we now also offer a new flat mode, where all files live in the same folder with tags and other attributes allowing users to find the documents they're looking for. 

Keeping your Library in folder mode allows users to navigate content using a folder structure, exactly the way it worked previously:

Note: the star-ratings functionality will not be included in the initial launch of the redesigned Library.

Setting your Library to flat mode makes all content available on one page. You can search or use filters and tags to narrow down results:

Note: the star-ratings functionality will not be included in the initial launch of the redesigned Library.

Tagging & Custom Fields

Use Tags and Custom Fields to organize your content and make it easily searchable:

  • Tags can be used to add keywords, labels or metadata to your Library content on multiple dimensions. Users can filter Library results using Tags and find the content they're looking for. Tags are optional, and there's no limit to the number of Tags that can be defined.
  • Custom Fields serve a similar purpose as tags, but provide a more rigid structure. For example, you might add a multi-select checkbox field with product line so you can categorize your content appropriately and allow Users to drill into results pertaining to a certain product. Custom Fields are also optional and not limited in number. 

Article Documents

Add rich text content to the Library using the new Article Document type. Along with the existing File, Video and Link types, Articles are useful for displaying HTML content and images without creating a separate downloadable document first.

Other Planned Library Improvements

In addition to the features mentioned above,  we're planning a number of additional enhancements in the future, including:

  • Content Rating (live- Get user feedback on your content so you can continue to improve what's in your Library. Users will have the ability to rate individual content and provide comments. Admins will be able to report on ratings and feedback both for individual pieces of content and in aggregate.
  • Drag & Drop - Easily move library content between folders by dragging and dropping. 
  • Bulk Upload - Upload content to your Library in bulk without having to upload each file individually.
  • Co-Brandable Assets - Co-brandable assets are currently only available within the separate Co-Branding module, but  you'll be able to display them within the Library as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I switch to the new Library?

All customers have been automatically switched to use the new Library.

What happened to my old Library when the new Library launched?

Check out this article that explains everything.


When did the new Library functionality launch?

August 14th, 2023. 

Do I have to use the new Library flat mode? I like my current Folder structure.

No, you can keep using Folder mode. You have the choice to keep using your existing Folder structure or hide Folders and display all content in a single bucket. If you don't do anything, your Library will continue working as it did with all content in the Folder structure you have today.

I use a ton of keywords on every item in our Library so that everything is easily searchable.   Will the new structure still allow for keywords? 

All keywords you have today will continue working as they have. You can add tags if you wish, but don't have to.