Archiving allows you to hide records from default views. This allows you to de-clutter your active working space without deleting records. Archived records can be un-archived again to bring them to the foreground.

The following entities support archiving:

  • Leads
  • Deal Registrations
  • MDF Requests
  • Referrals 
  • Widget Articles
  • Forum Threads and Categories

How do I archive and unarchive records?

You can archive and unarchive records by clicking the checkboxes next to the records that you want to archive or unarchive > Actions > Archive or Unarchive. 

Deals Lister Page 

Once a record is archived, how can I view it?

You can view unarchived records by filtering records by the "Archived Status." You can add the Archived Status filter by clicking Add Filter > Archived Status. 

Deals Lister Page - Add Filter

Select one of the below options from the Archived Status dropdown and click the Apply Filters button.

  • Unarchived Only - shows records that have not been archived
  • Archived & Unarchived- shows both archived and unarchived records
  • Archived Only - shows only records that have been archived

Deals Lister Page - Archived Status 

Can Partner Users edit records that have been archived? 

To prevent Partner and Distributor Users from making changes to archived Leads, Deals, and MDF Requests,  go to Settings > Portal Configuration > General Portal Settings. You'll then scroll to the bottom of the page to select the "Don't allow Partner Users to make changes to archived Leads, Deals, and MDF Requests" checkbox  > Save.

General Portal Settings - Other Settings