Archiving allows you to hide records from default views. This allows you to de-clutter your active working space without deleting records. Archived records can be un-archived again to bring them to the foreground.

The following entities support archiving:

  • Leads
  • Deal Registrations
  • MDF Requests
  • Widget Articles
  • Forum Threads and Categories

How do I archive and unarchive records?

You can archive and unarchive records by clicking the checkboxes next to the records that you want to archive or unarchive > Actions > Archive or Unarchive. 

Deals Lister Page

Once a record is archived, how can I view it?

You can view unarchived records by filtering records by the "Archived Status." You can add the Archived Status filter by clicking Add Filter > Archived Status. 

Deals Lister Page - Add Filter

Select one of the below options from the Archived Status dropdown and click the Apply Filters button.

  • Unarchived Only - shows records that have not been archived
  • Archived & Unarchived- shows both archived and unarchived records
  • Archived Only - shows only records that have been archived

Deals Lister Page - Archived Status 

Can Partner Users edit records that have been archived? 

Yes, but you can configure Channeltivity to prevent Partner Users from making changes to archived Leads, Deals and MDF Requests by going to Settings > Portal Configuration > General Portal Settings and checking the "Don't allow Partner Users to make changes to archived Leads, Deals and MDF Requests" box in the "Other Settings" section at the bottom of the page.

General Portal Settings - Other Settings