The Lead Distribution module allows you to send sales prospects to your Partners. Leads can be assigned to either individual Users at a Partner, or (if you enable this setting) to a Partner Organization directly.

There are a number of reasons why a User might not be showing up in the Lead assignment dropdown, including:

  1. The User doesn't exist.
  2. The User isn't Active, e.g. the User is a
    1. Pending User. You can only assign Leads to Pending Users by changing this setting.
    2. Contact. Contacts cannot log in or receive Leads.
    3. Disabled User. 
  3. Permissions: The User isn't assigned to a Group with Lead access. 

If a Partner Organization isn't showing up in the Lead assignment dropdown, make sure:

  1. You have the "Allow assigning Leads to Partner Organizations directly (instead of Partner Users only)" box checked under Settings > Lead Distribution > Lead Distribution Module Settings:
  2. The Partner is Active 
  3. The Partner has at least one Active User with "View All Leads" permissions.