If you have a large number of Leads to import into Channeltivity and distribute to your Partners, and already know which Partner should receive which Lead, the "Auto-Assign to Partner User Email" field can help. Available in both the CSV Lead import template (column name: AutoAssignToPartnerUserEmail) and the Channeltivity's Salesforce Lead Distribution integration (field name: Auto-Assign to Partner User Email), the field allows the automatic assignment of the Lead. Here's how it works:

When a Lead is imported via CSV or the Salesforce integration and the "Auto-Assign to Partner User Email" field contains the email address of 

  1. an Active Partner User with 
  2. permissions to the Lead Distribution module,

then the Lead is assigned to that User. If either of those two conditions are not met, the Lead remains unassigned. 

Setting up automatic Lead assignment with our Salesforce Lead Distribution

  1. Create an email field (or formula) on the Salesforce Lead record.
  2. In Channeltivity, map that email field to the "Auto-Assign to Partner User Email" field on the Lead in Channeltivity. 
  3. Any imported Leads with the "Auto-Assign to Partner User Email" field set to a correct value will automatically be assigned.