This article provides an overview of Channeltivity’s Partner Sync integration with Salesforce. Please also see the Partner Sync Salesforce Integration Setup instructions.

Channeltivity’s Salesforce Partner Sync integration allows the two-way synchronization of Partner records and Contacts between your PRM and CRM systems. With Partner Sync activated, creating a new Partner Organization (or User) in Channeltivity will create a linked partner account (or contact) record in Salesforce and vice versa, and keep those records synchronized. This way, changes made on one side will be reflected on the other.

The Salesforce Partner Sync integration is included for customers with Channeltivity Salesforce Edition.

Frequently Asked Questions: (click for more FAQs)

Q: If a Partner or Contact in Channeltivity is deleted, what happens to the corresponding record in Salesforce?

A: If a Partner or Contact is deleted in Channeltivity, the corresponding Account or Contact in Salesforce is not deleted, but the “Channeltivity Status” field is set to “Active Partner (Deleted)” or “Contact (Deleted)”.

Q: Is it possible to configure Partner Sync to be one-directional, so that data flows from Salesforce to Channeltivity and any updates to Partner data in Channeltivity don't get pushed to Salesforce? 

A: Partner Sync is strictly bi-directional. You can configure your field mappings and field visibility in Channeltivity to exclude certain data from being synced or edited, respectively, but it's not possible to configure Partner Sync to be one-directional.

Q: How does Channeltivity manage Parent/Child Accounts in Salesforce?

A: Learn about this topic here

Q: Can I choose which Partner Accounts are synced to Channeltivity?

A: During the setup process, you'll create two fields on the Account object: "Sync with Channeltivity" (checkbox) and "Channeltivity Partner Status" (picklist). These fields will be used to identify the Accounts that should be synced with Channeltivity for the initial import and ongoing.

Q: Are the Contacts associated with Partner Accounts in Salesforce pulled into Channeltivity as Users? 

A: No, Contacts are pulled into Channeltivity from Salesforce as Contacts and Contacts do not have access to the portal. If the Contacts belong to an Active Partner Organization in Channeltivity, then you can promote the Contacts to Users by going to Partners > Click on the name of the Partner Organization to view more details > Users & Contacts > select the checkboxes next to the Contacts that you want to promote to Users > Promote Contacts to Users button.  Learn more about this topic here: Users and Contacts

Partner Details Page - Users & Contacts 

Q: Are Distributor Organizations and Users/Contacts included in the Partner Sync Integration?

A: No, the Partner Sync Integration only includes Partner Organizations and Users/Contacts. It does not include Distributor Organizations and Users/Contacts. 

Doesn't Salesforce PRM have this functionality?

Salesforce PRM is a popular solution to manage channel programs, however companies in the high-tech space often prefer Channeltivity PRM as a more affordable and user-friendly solution that's fully integrated with Salesforce.

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