Channeltivity released the next version of our Deal Registration integration and a new Lead Distribution integration with HubSpot. The updated version provides additional functionality, and faster, more reliable syncing. Some customers were required to make minor changes to their configuration to prepare. This article provides an overview of the changes and answers frequently asked questions.

What improvements are included in the updated integration?

  • True bi-directional data flow. Just like Partner Sync, you are now able to define bi-directional data flows between your CRM and Channeltivity. 
  • Send Leads into Channeltivity from HubSpot. If you use Channeltivity's Lead Distribution module, you can send HubSpot Contacts and Deals into Channeltivity as Leads for distribution to your partners. 
  • Support for constants. Want to set the "Source" field to "Partner" for all HubSpot Deals created by Channeltivity's Deal Registrations module? Constants allow you to do this. 
  • Faster, more reliable syncing. Optimized queries, better handling of conflicts, and much more.

Does the integration work differently?

Generally, no. Most people will not notice any difference. However, similar to Partner Sync, the updated integration requires that HubSpot records have a checkbox that determines whether the record can sync with Channeltivity. We added this flag to make the integration more efficient and reduce HubSpot API calls.

What changes do I need to make to prepare for the updated integration?

Since the updated integration requires that HubSpot records are flagged to sync with Channeltivity, you need to specify a checkbox field on the HubSpot Deal record. Similar to the Partner Sync integration, checking this box in HubSpot will determine whether the record can sync with Channeltivity. 

Do I need to manually check the flags for records in HubSpot?

No, the updated integration automatically checks the checkboxes for any synced HubSpot records. 

How do I know if there's anything I need to do to prepare?

If your integration requires action, you will see a system message like this one: 

What if I didn’t prepare for the updated integration?

If you didn't make the necessary changes, your Deal Registration integration stop working.

When did the integration changes go live?

The updated integration went live June 28, 2021.

Is there anything I need to do now that the integration changes are live?

Nope, the prep work is all that's required. Everything else is automatic and your integration will continue working as before.

I still have questions!

Contact support and we’re happy to help.