You can display News Items from the News & Email Marketing modules on the home page and other custom pages in a feed format using the News Widget. The Widget displays a custom list of News Items based on Group permissions and subscribed Topics. This article explains how to configure and manage the News Widget within Channeltivity. 

Follow the instructions listed below to configure the News Widget: 

1. Logged in as an Administrator, go to your home page, and click the Actions button > Layout Editor.

2. You'll then search for and select the "News" Widget from the sidebar on the right and drag it over to the desired location on the page (see Tutorial on Custom Pages).

3. The configuration window will open for you to configure the following items: 

  • Title - enter the title of the Widget
  • News Items Count - specify the maximum number of News Items that will appear in the Widget 
  • News Items Display Options:
    • Heading - select a Heading from the dropdown menu to display the News Items assigned to a specific Heading
      • Topics -select the checkbox to only show Users News Items from their subscribed Topics
      • Featured - select the checkbox to show News Items marked as "Featured"

4. Click "Save" to save your changes.

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