The Permissions Report provides a detailed list of permissions for all content-related Channeltivity entities, such as Co-Branded Assets, Library Content, News Items, Home/Custom Page Content, and more. This detailed breakdown of permissions provides System Administrators with a clear overview of the access levels across different entities within the platform, making it easy for Admins to monitor access levels and make necessary adjustments as needed. 

This article explains how to configure the Permissions Report to obtain the data you need, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to add, remove, and replace permissions. For more information about Permissions, check out: How do I set Partner Portal Content Access & Permissions? 

Permissions Report Benefits

The Permissions Report is useful in situations where you need to view or change permissions in bulk, including:

  • Auditing permissions. Certain areas, like Widgets on Custom Pages don't have special reports that allow you to list permissions. The Permissions Report gives you visibility into who has access to which piece of content. 
  • Permissions changes. Partner programs change require different types of access to content. The Permissions Report gives you the flexibility to search and replace permissions across the whole portal, or just a certain area, like the partner content library.

Accessing the Permissions Report:

Logged in as a System Admin, you can access the Report by going to Admin > Permissions.


Configuring the Permissions Report:

The Permissions Report includes the following columns:

  • Entity Name - Title of the entity
  • Entity Type - Indicates the type of Channeltivity entity (i.e., Document, Widget, News Item) 
  • Permissions - Displays the type of Permission assigned to the entity (i.e., Everyone, Groups, Smart Permissions)
  • Group Permissions - Lists the Group(s) assigned to each entity 
  • Smart Permissions Access Rules - Specifies the criteria for Smart Permissions access

You can use the filter area on the left to search for entities by name and filter the report by entity type and/or permissions.

You can add/remove and reorder the columns to your preference and extend the list to show more than 10 entities at a time using the controls in the top right corner. Learn more about additional configuration options in this article

Adding, Removing, and Replacing Permissions: 

You can add, remove, and replace permissions assigned to entities in bulk by clicking the checkboxes next to the entities you wish to update permissions for > Actions: 

  • Replace Permissions - allows you to REPLACE the current permissions assigned to the selected entities with a new set of Permissions. 
  • Add Group Permissions - allows you to ADD additional Groups to the selected entities.
  • Remove Group Permissions - allows you to REMOVE Groups from the selected entities. 

You can also use the "Replace Permissions" buttons to update permissions for individual entities one at a time. 


What Channeltivity Entities are included in the Permissions Report?

Here's a full list of the entities included in the Permissions Report: 

  • Co-Branded Assets
  • Library Content
  • News Items
  • Certifications 
  • Courses
  • Home/Custom Page Content
    • Articles Widget
    • Hero/Banner Widget
      • Hero/Banner Widget Button 
    • HTML Code Widget
    • Icons Widget
      • Icons Widget Icon
    • Image Widget
    • Rich Text Widget
    • Video Widget
    • Welcome Message Widget

Can I Export the Permissions Report to Excel? 

You can export the Permissions Report to Excel by clicking the downward-facing arrow in the top right > Export to Excel. 

Who has access to the Permission Report?

System Admins are the only Users with access to the Permissions Report.

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