What Is a Secret Question?


The secret question feature provides an added layer of security for password retrieval. When a User activates their User account, the system will prompt them to choose a secret question and provide an answer that only they will know. 

When a User clicks the "Forgot Password" link on the login page, the system will prompt the User to enter their email address and provide an answer to the secret question they selected when setting up their account. They must answer the question correctly to complete the verification process and receive the password reset email.  

What Happens if a User Answers the Secret Question Incorrectly? 

The User will not receive the password reset email, and they will need to contact the portal's Administrator to reset the password manually.  

How Do You Update Your Secret Question/Answer Combination? 

Users can update their secret question/answer by clicking on the profile icon in the top right corner of the portal and selecting Email Settings > Actions > Update Secret Question. 

Can the Secret Question Feature Be Disabled?

Yes. Admins can disable the secret question feature for all Users by going to Settings > Security Privacy & Compliance > Security. Learn more about this topic here: How Do I Update the Portal's Password Security Settings?