To reset the password for a User, you will need to navigate to the Admin section in the left menu and click Admin then select Users. In the filter area on the left, type the name of the User and click the Apply Filters button at the bottom. Click the first or last name of the User, to be taken to the User’s Details Page. From the User’s Details Page, click the Actions button in the top right and select Reset Password.

What happens when I reset a User's password?

An email including a password reset link will be sent to the User and a message will appear at the top of the page, letting you know that the User’s password has been reset. The message at the top of the page will also include the password reset link's expiration date. If the User does not reset their password before the expiration date, you can use the instructions listed in the previous section to reset the User's password again. 


You can manage your password reset expiration settings by going to Settings > Security, Privacy, & Compliance > Security. Learn more about this topic here: How Do I Update the Portal's Password Security Settings?

You can also customize the Password Reset Email Notification by going to settings > Email > User Account Email Templates. 

Can a User reset their own password?

A User can reset their own password from the login page by clicking "Forgot Password." 

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