Groups drive the User experience within Channeltivity as they are used to grant Users access to content and functionality. This article explains how to edit Group names, permissions, and rules assigned to Groups. 

As an Admin User, you can edit a Group by going to Admin > Groups and clicking on the name of the Group that you want to edit. 

You'll then click the "Edit" button in the top right corner to make your changes. 

For "Manual" Groups, which are Groups that Users must be assigned to manually, you have the ability to edit the Group's name, description, and permissions. 

Manual Group Details - Edit

For "Smart Groups," which are Groups that Users are assigned to automatically based on rules you define, you can edit the Group's name, description, membership criteria/rules, and permissions. 

Smart Group Details - Edit

Adding/Removing Permissions in Bulk

You can also add/remove permissions to and from Groups in bulk by going to Admin > Groups and selecting the checkboxes next to the Groups that you want to make changes to > Actions > and select one of the following options: 

  • Add Partner Resource - add Partner permissions to Partner Groups
  • Add Distributor Resource - add Distributor permissions to Distributor Groups
  • Add Internal Resource - add Internal permissions to Internal Groups 
  • Remove Partner Resource - remove Partner permissions from Partner Groups
  • Remove Distributor Resource - remove Distributor permissions from Distributor Groups
  • Remove Internal Resource - remove Internal permissions from Internal Groups

Learn more about Group permissions here: Group Permissions Defined.


Can a Manual Group be converted to a Smart Group?

It is not possible to convert a Manual Group to a Smart Group, nor is it possible to convert a Smart Group to a Manual Group.

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