Determine who will be notified via email about MDF events in the MDF Email Notifications settings. To adjust the settings go to Settings > MDF > MDF Email Settings.  Select the MDF event (on the right) that you want each recipient (listed on the left) to be notified about. 

  • Partner Assignee- Partner User the MDF Request is assigned to
  • Internal Assignee - Internal User the MDF Request is assigned to
  • Primary Partner Manager - Primary Manager (Internal User) of the Partner Organization 
  • All Partner Managers- All Managers (Internal Users) assigned to the Partner Organization including the Primary 
  • 1 Specified Recipient - This functionality will notify any of the email addresses in the Additional Specified Recipients field

MDF Email Notifications Screen 

You can also update the email subject lines for the Internal and Partner email notifications. 

 MDF Subject Lines - Internal and Partner