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Company acquisitions and mergers can typically require revisions to your Channeltivity portal branding. This process can involve changing your portal's name, logo, color scheme, and URL. You may also need to update your internal processes and documentation. It's important for companies to showcase consistent branding throughout the transition process. Here are the top 6 items to update when a branding change happens: 

  • Portal Name- Update the name of your portal by going to Settings > Portal Configuration > General Portal Settings. Any changes made to the Portal Name will be reflected in the section under the logo in the left main menu. The portal placeholder for #PortalName will be updated as well. 
  • Logo and Color Scheme - You can add a new logo and update the color scheme of your portal to reflect your new brand by going to Settings > Portal Customization > Portal Skin Manager. 
  • Organization Name and Address -  You can update your Organization's name and address by going to Admin > Organizations and selecting your Organization for Edit. Changing these items will also update the footer of the emails sent from your portal. 
  • Portal Support Email - Update your Portal Support Email by going to Settings > Email> Email Settings. 
  • Home Page and Library Content - You should review and update the content on your homepage and custom pages. You will also want to do this for the Library to ensure all folders, documents, and descriptions reflect your new brand.  
  • Become a Partner Form - Verify the description on the Become a Partner Form is consistent with the new brand. You can review the Become a Partner Form by going to Settings > Partners > Partner Module Settings.  

Changing the Portal's URL

Depending on your branding changes, you may also need to consider changing your portal's URL to match your branding updates or new company name. Channeltivity allows you to change only the subdomain (shown in green) of the URL: https://YourCompany.Channeltivity.com. All domain changes require submitting a support ticket. After the domain change, any visitors trying to access the old URL will automatically be redirected to the new URL. To learn more about this topic, see this article: I just changed my Channeltivity domain. What happens when people go to the old one?

Updating Email Addresses 

If Users receive new email addresses due to the acquisition or merger, System Admins can use the instructions listed below to update User email addresses. 

NOTE:  Users will need to use their new email address when logging into the portal going forward.

  1. Go to Admin > Users and use the "Organization Name" filter on the left to view Users in your Organization.
  2. Click the "Edit" button next to a User's name to edit their profile.  

  3. Update the "Email" field and scroll down to the bottom of the screen to save your changes. 

Updating Portal Support Email 


The Portal Support Email is the main email used for the portal that receives all Admin notifications. You can update the email address by going to Settings > Email > Email Settings.

You may also want to update the email addresses of the recipients of the following notifications:

  • Partner Email Notifications (Recipients of Become a Partner Form submissions) Settings > Partners > Partner Email Notifications
  • User Account Admin Notifications (Request Access Form submissions) Settings > Email > User Account Admin Notifications
  • Lead Email Notifications - Settings > Lead Distribution > Lead Email Notifications 
  • Deal Registration Email Notifications- Settings  > Deal Registration > Deal Email Notifications 
  • MDF Email Notifications - Settings > MDF > MDF Email Notifications 
  • Referral Email Notifications - Settings > Referrals > Referral Email Notifications 
  • Training & Certification Notifications - Settings > Training & Certification > Training & Certification Email Notifications

Rebranding Announcement 

It's important to communicate to portal Users (Internal and Partner) that the portal will be undergoing construction to align with your new brand. When you are ready to make the announcement, put together a communications plan. Consider hosting a webinar to communicate the changes to your partners, make sure to send out partner communications as soon as you can, or add an announcement to your home page that includes all of the updates and changes. Let them know of any action items they'll need complete and how they can complete them. You'll also want to inform them of any new processes, content, or functionality that has become available.  Keeping them informed will prevent the rebranding from backfiring and causing frustration. The more your Partner Users know about your portal and how to use it, the more they'll appreciate the changes and improvements moving forward.