Yes, we have a Salesforce package 

Channeltivity PRM for Salesforce is a Salesforce package that allows you to seamlessly access and manipulate Channeltivity data without leaving Salesforce. The package is easy to install and configure using on-screen instructions and a wizard interface. Depending on which of Channeltivity’s Salesforce integrations you use, the package adds an Iframe to Salesforce’s Lead, Opportunity, Account, and Contact layouts that provides a window into any linked Channeltivity record. Some of the benefits include:

  • Automatic Single Sign-On from Salesforce into Channeltivity (requires custom Salesforce domain)
  • Push Salesforce Lead and Opportunity records into Channeltivity to create a Lead and assign it to a Partner with two clicks, all from within Salesforce
  • View, approve and update Deal Registrations from within Salesforce
  • View a Partner Account’s key Channeltivity stats in Salesforce 
  • Trigger a sync and view sync status details in Salesforce


In this example, you can see a Salesforce Lead with inline Deal Registration and Partner information pulled from Channeltivity. A Salesforce user can easily change the Deal Reg approval status, amount etc. using the on-screen controls, without ever leaving Salesforce.

Lead Layout Salesforce Lightning 

Lead Layout Salesforce Classic


  • Channeltivity Salesforce Edition plan
  • Salesforce Enterprise or Unlimited Edition. (Not available for Salesforce Professional)
  • Your Salesforce instance must have a custom domain (My Domain) in order to use Single Sign-On from Salesforce into Channeltivity


You can install and configure the package by going to Settings > Salesforce Integration > Configure Channeltivity PRM for Salesforce and following the on-screen instructions. Each step of the setup process provides step-by-step guidance to completion:

Please note that you must enable and configure at least one of Channeltvivty's integrations with Salesforce before you can access the installation link for the Managed Package.

Step 1: Open the managed package install link

Click the link on the settings page to go to the install link.

Step 2: Install the managed package

In Salesforce, install "Channeltivity PRM for SFDC" managed package for all users:

Step 3: Configure page layouts

Once the package install completes, head back to Channeltivity to configure Salesforce page layouts:

Step 4: Configure SSO 

If you want to allow Salesforce users to seamlessly log into Channeltivity, you can enable SSO as well. Read more at How Do I Configure Single Sign-On from Salesforce?


How do I uninstall Channeltivity PRM for Salesforce package from Salesforce?

You'll only be able to uninstall the package if it's not assigned to any Salesforce layouts. Before attempting to uninstall the package in Salesforce, you'll need to remove the package from the layouts in Channeltivity by going to Settings > Salesforce Integration > Channeltivity PRM for Salesforce, unchecking all the layouts and hitting the Update button. Then you'll be able to uninstall the package successfully in Salesforce by going to Setup > App Setup > Deploy > Installed Packages and using the Uninstall link next to the package.

What does the "Check the Channeltivity Connected App in Salesforce..." SAML error in the Integration Log mean?

Full error message: "Check the Channeltivity Connected App in Salesforce (Administration Setup | Manage Apps | Connected Apps | Channeltivity Connector) to ensure the correct profiles are set."

In Salesforce, go to Administration Setup | Manage Apps | Connected Apps | Channeltivity Connector. Towards the bottom of the page is a Profiles section that lists the User Profiles with access to SSO. This error occurs when a Salesforce user that's not a member of the allowed profiles accesses a Salesforce page with the Channeltivity VisualForce page on it. 

To fix, you have to make sure that the list of profiles on the Channeltivity Connector contains all profiles with access to page layouts with a Channeltivity VisualForce page (the Channeltivity PRM for Salesforce section) on it.