The Channeltivity SSO for Salesforce method allows your Salesforce Users to automatically sign into Channeltivity through our managed package so that you can do the following: 

The instructions listed below explain how to regenerate the SSO Certificate before (or after) it expires.

Step 1: In Channeltivity, go to Settings > Salesforce Integration > Channeltivity PRM for Salesforce.

Note: You'll have to upgrade the managed package IF the below message appears at the top of the screen. Your Salesforce Admin can upgrade the package by clicking the upgrade link and following the on-screen instructions in Salesforce to upgrade the package for All Users. You'll then refresh the below screen and move to step 2 once you've completed the upgrade.

***Proceed to step 2 if you don't see the below message at the top of the screen.***

Channeltivity PRM for Salesforce Package Upgrade Link

Salesforce Upgrade - Install Page

Step 2: Scroll down to the Single Sign-On (SSO) section and click the "Regenerate Certificate" link to regenerate the Certificate. 

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