Channeltivity's managed Salesforce package offers two SSO methods for allowing your Salesforce users to automatically sign into Channeltivity. Both methods are identical from the user experience perspective, but there are some differences listed below. 

We recommend selecting Channeltivity SSO for Salesforce, as it can be configured in seconds and provides a high level of security. SAML SSO requires a custom Salesforce domain and is designed for more advanced requirements.

Please note that the package only allows your internal team to log into Channeltivity; your Partners will log in through the regular login page (or whichever other SSO method you may configure).

Channeltivity SSO for Salesforce
SAML SSO using Salesforce Connected App
  • Easy, single-click setup
  • Industry-standard security
  • Multi-step setup & configuration process
  • Requires custom Salesforce domain (My Domain
  • SAML is an industry-standard for SSO

Please continue reading for detailed setup instructions.

How does SSO from Salesforce work?

With SSO enabled, our managed package checks whether your Salesforce email is associated with an Active User in Channeltivity and automatically logs you in. (Your Salesforce email login username must match your Channeltivity email login username for SSO to work. )

With SSO disabled, if you view a Salesforce record that's linked to Channeltivity and are not logged into Channeltivity, our managed package will ask you to log in:

How to configure Channeltivity SSO for Salesforce (Recommended)

  1. In Channeltivity, navigate to Settings > Salesforce Integration > Channeltivity PRM for Salesforce.
  2. Make sure you have the latest version of Channeltivity's managed Salesforce package installed. The page will display a warning message if you don't.
  3. Change the Single Sign-On Authentication Mode to "Channeltivity SSO for Salesforce" 
  4. Hit the Save button and you're done

How to configure SAML SSO using a Salesforce Connected App

  1. Make sure your Salesforce instance uses a custom domain (My Domain
  2. In Channeltivity, navigate to Settings > Salesforce Integration > Channeltivity PRM for Salesforce.
  3. Change the Single Sign-On Authentication Mode to "SAML SSO using Salesforce Connected App" 
  4. Logged into Salesforce as an admin, enable the Identity Provider (Lightning UI: Setup | Settings | Identity | Identity Provider; Classic UI: Administration Setup | Security Controls | Identity Provider). Then download the metadata by clicking the Download Metadata button
  5. Back in Channeltivity, upload the metadata XML file in the "Identity Provider (Salesforce)" section. Uploading the metadata will also configure a Salesforce Connected App with the SAML Service Provider information from Channeltivity.
  6. Go back to Salesforce and view the Channeltivity Connected App (Administration Setup | Manage Apps | Connected Apps | Channeltivity Connector.
  7. Click the "Manage Profiles" button under Profiles. 
  8. Select the profiles of Salesforce users that will need access to Channeltivity and save. In most cases you'll want to select "Standard User" and "System Administrator". 
  9. You're done.